Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring is the process of sampling and analyzing water conditions and characteristics. Water quality monitoring provides invaluable information about the health of the South River and its tributaries and is one of the most important aspects of watershed stewardship. Data collected during routine water quality testing can detect and provide a better understanding of pollution contributions from point and non-point sources in the watershed. An improved understanding of sources will help SRWA and communities focus and track pollution reduction efforts. 

Improving water quality in South River depends in large part on improving water quality in neighborhood creeks and streams. Local residents can play a large role in water quality monitoring as volunteer monitors. Volunteers become involved in monitoring program for many reasons. These reasons include:

  • To promote stewardship
  • To take ownership and responsibility for local water resources
  • To identify problems in surface water and groundwater
  • To contribute to their community
  • To learn about the environment

Georgia-Adopt-A-Stream provides training to teach citizens how to monitor the streams in their neighborhoods as well as learn both chemical and biological indicators of good stream health.

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