Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater runoff is the reason why so much trash and debris ends up in the South River. It is also the source of other problems. Pollution from domestic animal waste raises the level of fecal coliform bacteria, harmful heavy metals and petrochemicals (oil, antifreeze, etc.) are washed from roads, parking lots and driveways, and pesticides and fertilizers sprayed on lawns and flowers flow into storm drains with every heavy rain. Serious riverbank scouring and erosion caused by fast-flowing stormwater are another negative consequence of uncontrolled runoff.

The absence of federal or state law regulating the quality and rate at which stormwater is discharged into streams is at the heart of the problem. With no such regulations in sight, we must look to other viable alternatives. Preventing trash from entering our waterways in the first place is the best solution to the problem, making prevention the most effective cure.  Raising community awareness regarding the consequences of individual action is essential to developing a culture of prevention. and the reintroduction of rivercane as natural green infrastructure offer practical ways for dealing with stormwater runoff.

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