River Walks

River walks are an excellent way to experience and explore the wonders of South River.  Regardless of the season, experiencing the beauty of nature has physical and mental benefits. There are numerous benefits to guided river walks. Participants will visit well traveled sections of the river as well as those that are not so easily accessible. You will have an opportunity to observe birds and other animals that visit the river in search of food and water. River walks are a way to discover threats to the river from illegal discharges, broken sewer pipes and manholes, leaky residential septic systems, and/or other problems that could otherwise go undetected for long periods of time. All that is needed to participate in guided river walks is a willing spirit, a sense of adventure, a desire to learn more about South River, and of course, a pair of rubber waders.

 If you would like to help with River Walks, click here to volunteer. 

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