Community Awareness

SRWA's programs and projects are designed to raise community awareness by providing hands on opportunities for youth and adults to experience the river. From our Beyond the Bridge series that connects individuals to the South River through canoe/kayak outings, to water quality monitoring, river cleanups, and river walk events, to our South River Stewardship Network project which promotes the river as an outdoor classroom, the goal is to raise community awareness and support for the river.  An understanding of how individual actions can negatively and positively impact the river is essential for behavioral change.

In addition to raising awareness, collectively the above projects are laying the foundation and support for SRWA’s long-range plan to achieve water trail designation for the South River. To accomplish this designation the entire community, e.g., citizens, municipalities, and businesses must be involved in the planning, implementation, and management of the water trail. The water trail designation will raise awareness and visibility and secure the future of the river as a community asset.

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